Rick Gates

Rick Gates And Donald Trump

Gates Joined The Trump Campaign Through Paul Manafort

April 2016: Manafort Brought Gates On Trump Campaign. According to Politico, “The pair join another former Manafort lobbying partner named Rick Gates, who was identified as an agent of a Ukrainian oligarch in a 2011 racketeering lawsuit that also named Manafort. And Manafort this week met with Marc Palazzo, a former lobbyist for a Koch Industries subsidiary who used to work as a communications staffer for GTECH Corp., the controversial lottery operator, to which Gay, Davenport, Gates and Manafort all have ties.” [Politico, 4/20/16]

Gates Stayed On After Manafort Resigned, Served As RNC Liaison

August 2016: Gates Named RNC Liaison, Manafort Resigned. According to Politico,Even keeping track of who’s working for the campaign at any given moment can be a challenge. In recent weeks, several aides who’d been advising Trump are no longer playing formal roles. They include Mike McSherry, a veteran party strategist who worked on the convention, and Doug Davenport, a longtime lobbyist who helped with the convention and Trump’s Pennsylvania primary effort. Rick Gates, who was Manafort’s top deputy, is also expected to soon depart, according to three sources familiar with his plans — even though on Aug. 19, the day Manafort resigned, the campaign announced that Gates would be serving as Trump’s liaison to the RNC. (Gates did not respond to requests for comment.)” [Politico, 9/1/17]

Trump Reportedly Wanted Gates Fired

Trump Ordered Bossie To Fire Gates About “6 Times.” According to the Daily Beast, “It is unclear whether President Trump is aware of the makeup of the nonprofit but during the campaign at least, he was no fan of Rick Gates, multiple sources told The Daily Beast. ‘Trump had ordered Bossie to fire Gates about six times,’ one source told The Daily Beast. There were a number of reasons as to why Trump reportedly wanted Gates out, who joined the campaign alongside former campaign manager Paul Manafort in the summer of 2016. A Washington Post story from June 2016 detailing a company called Left Hand Enterprises LLC, caught Trump’s attention according to sources. The report detailed how the Trump campaign had quickly cut $730,637 worth of checks to the newly-formed LLC over a five day period in May 2016. The payments were initially intended for a direct-mail campaign, specifically in Nebraska and Indiana.” [Daily Beast, 2/22/17]


Gates Whipped RNC Members For Trump At The Convention, Signed Off On Melania’s Controversial Speech

July 18-20, 2016: Gates Whipped RNC Rules Committee Members For Trump At 2016 Republican National Convention. According to the Washington Examiner, “Gates also served as a wrangler at the 2016 Republican National Convention, where he helped whip rules committee members against attempts to amend party rules that could have blocked Trump from receiving the nomination. ‘Our goal is to destroy them,’ Gates told CNN at the convention, referring to those who were behind anti-Trump efforts.” [Washington Examiner, 10/30/17]

July 2016: “Trump Campaign Source” Blamed Gates For Melania Trump’s Convention Speech: “Gates Signed Off On The Speech And Edited It.” According to the Guardian, “In an initial statement issued at 2am, Jason Miller, the campaign’s senior communications adviser and Trump’s speechwriter, had said Melania Trump’s speech included ‘fragments’ of others’ speeches that ‘reflected her own thinking’, though did not directly answer accusations of plagiarism. Miller added that the speech was produced by Melania Trump’s ‘team’. This runs counter to her own statements in an interview with NBC prior to the speech, in which she claimed to have written the speech herself. A campaign source suggested to the Guardian that the blame lay with Rick Gates, a longtime aide to top Trump strategist Paul Manafort. The source said Gates signed off on the speech and edited it.” [The Guardian, 7/19/16]


Gates Traveled With Trump On The Campaign And “Essentially Functioned” As Campaign Manager For Two Months

Gates Traveled “Often” With Trump, And Managed “Mundane But Essential Work Of Daily Operations” For Campaign. According to the New York Times, “In the spring of 2016, when Mr. Trump found himself outmaneuvered in the arcane battle for Republican convention delegates, he turned to Mr. Manafort. Mr. Gates came along as his deputy — the man behind the man in charge. In a campaign known for its factionalism, Mr. Gates won over colleagues by managing the mundane but essential work of daily operations. He traveled often with Mr. Trump and forged relationships with Reince Priebus, the future chief of staff, and Brad Parscale, the campaign’s digital director. ‘What made him valuable was, people trusted him, No. 1, and No. 2, he was effective,’ said Richard F. Hohlt, a longtime Republican lobbyist who worked on Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee.” [New York Times, 6/16/17]

Gates Worked For Free, “Essentially Functioned As The Trump Campaign Manager For More Than Two Months.” According to Reuters, “Another example of free labor is Rick Gates, who was Manafort’s deputy. According to two former high-level Trump staffers, Gates essentially functioned as the Trump campaign manager for more than two months, all while not collecting a paycheck.” [Reuters, 9/2/16]


Tom Barrack Hired Gates For The Trump Inauguration Committee

Gates Served As Deputy Chairman Of The Trump Inaugural Committee. According to the Washington Post, “That loyalty has continued. Barrack hired Manafort’s business partner, Rick Gates, as deputy chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee and then as director of the Washington office of Colony NorthStar. Gates declined to comment.” [Washington Post, 10/11/17]

11/8/16: Gates Met Barrack At Election Night Party, Barrack Hired Gates For Trump Inauguration. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Gates was soon established in Mr. Trump’s circle. Before the first presidential debate, he glad-handed with Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s top security adviser — now also a subject of the federal investigations — and Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul. At an election night party, Mr. Gates hit it off with Thomas J. Barrack Jr., the wealthy Los Angeles investor, who hired Mr. Gates to help run Mr. Trump’s inaugural.” [New York Times, 6/16/17]

As of 12/1/16, Gates Worked On Trump Inauguration. According to CNN, “Still, the longtime K Street lobbyist and former Ronald Reagan operative has insinuated himself into the transition process through other channels, with allies like Rick Gates, who briefly served as the campaign’s liaison to the Republican National Committee before leaving with Manafort in August, working behind the scenes on inauguration activities.” [CNN, 12/1/16]

  • Rick Gates Worked On Trump’s Inauguration Activities. According to RollCall, “Briefly worked as the Trump campaign’s liaison to the Republican National Committee and is now ‘working behind the scenes on inauguration activities,’ according to CNN. Worked for Manafort’s political consulting firm, where he arranged meetings between Ukrainian officials and American members of Congress. He also worked to undercut sympathy for Yulia Tymoshenko, the imprisoned rival of Yanukovych.” [RollCall, 12/28/16]


Gates Was A Frequent White House Visitor After Trump Took Office

Post Inauguration: Gates Set Up Office Adjacent To D.C. Willard Hotel, “Became A Frequent Visitor To The White House.” According to the New York Times, “After Mr. Trump was sworn in, Mr. Gates joined Mr. Parscale and other Trump aides to raise $25 million for a new pro-Trump group, America First Policies. Mr. Gates lined up office space adjacent to the Willard Hotel, a Washington power-breakfast spot, and became a frequent visitor to the White House, hoping to join the new Trump era elite.” [New York Times, 6/16/17]

Week Previous To 3/22/17:  Gates Met With Staff At White House. Gates is one of four people leading a Trump-blessed group that defends the president’s agenda. As recently as last week, he was at the White House to meet with officials as part of that work.” [Washington Post, 3/22/17]

First Week Of June 2017: Gates At White House With Barrack. According to the Daily Beast, “Since the inauguration, Barrack has remained in close contact with the president as one of his top outside advisers, and has visited the president multiple times. Barrack’s name has been floated for senior White House positions, including chief of staff. And when Barrack stops by to meet Trump in the West Wing, he has brought Gates with him, according to multiple sources familiar with the meeting. Late last week, Barrack was again at the White House, with Gates in tow, two White House officials confirmed. Gates, who worked for the same controversial pro-Russian clients as Manafort, could not be reached for comment, and the White House comms shop did not respond to a request for comment on this story. Officials spoke on the condition of anonymity so as to speak freely.” [Daily Beast, 6/14/17]

June 2017: Rick Gates Made Multiple Visits To The White House. According to the Daily Beast, “Rick Gates, the longtime lobbying partner of ousted Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is still making multiple visits to the White House—even though the Trump administration has sought to distance itself from Manafort. Manafort may be under investigation for alleged Russia ties, and thus persona non grata at the Trump White House. However, his top deputy Gates—who also worked on behalf of Russian interests—has managed to wedge himself back into Trump-world. having landed a sweet new gig with one of President Donald Trump’s best and wealthiest friends.” [Daily Beast, 6/14/17]


Gates Helped Form Pro-Trump 501c4 America First Policies But Left In March 2017 To Work For Tom Barrack

1/30/17: Gates Part Of Group That Announced Formation Of America First Policies. According to NBC Washington, “Six of President Donald Trump’s top campaign aides have banded together to start a nonprofit called ‘America First Policies’ to back the White House agenda. The group includes Trump’s digital and data director Brad Parscale, onetime deputy campaign manager Rick Gates and two campaign advisers to Vice President Mike Pence, Nick Ayers and Marty Obst. David Bossie and Katrina Pierson also will be involved, according to a statement announcing the group.” [NBC Washington, 1/30/17]

March 2017: Rick Gates Was “Increasingly Involved Day-To-Day” In America First Policies. According to Politico, “Officials involved in America First Policies acknowledged their slow start. They say it’s the natural result in part of having to wait for the White House to staff up before they could make hires. ‘It was a little like waiting for the music to stop in musical chairs,’ said one official. ‘We’ve now gotten to the point where everything is lined up and money is being raised.’ Nick Ayers, a senior adviser to Mike Pence on the campaign, is serving as chairman of the group. Rick Gates, a former Trump aide who served as Paul Manafort’s deputy, is increasingly involved day-to-day.” [Politico, 3/13/17]

March 23, 2017: America First Policies Announced On Twitter Gates’ Departure. “@AmericaFirstPol: Rick Gates is grateful @POTUS is standing up to #fakenews & supports agenda. @AmericaFirstPol is setup & strong – he’s on to more ventures!” [Twitter, 3/23/17]

  • March 2017: Gates Left America First Policies And Worked For Tom Barrack Directly. According to the Daily Beast, “After leaving the Trump-boosting nonprofit America First Policies in March—as former FBI Director James Comey officially announced an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign team and Russian officials—Gates is now working directly for Tom Barrack, according to eight sources in and around the Trump White House” [Daily Beast, 6/14/17]
  • June 2017: Gates Worked Directly For Trump Ally And Fundraiser Tom Barrack. According to the Daily Beast, “After leaving the Trump-boosting nonprofit America First Policies in March—as former FBI Director James Comey officially announced an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign team and Russian officials—Gates is now working directly for Tom Barrack, according to eight sources in and around the Trump White House. Barrack, a millionaire and former Trump fundraiser who went on to lead the presidential inaugural committee, is a longtime friend of the president who still sends Trump friendly emails to remind him that, ‘YOU ROCK!’ The Trump ally was also instrumental in bringing Manafort into Trump’s political orbit during the campaign.” [Daily Beast, 6/14/17]